We are the Timberjack's - The mighty...mighty Timberjacks

posted Mar 11, 2013, 6:46 PM by Richard Cote   [ updated Mar 11, 2013, 6:47 PM ]

For the first time ever (that you know of) we are offering up the World Famous (perhaps Raven Knob famous) Timberjack shirt - Immortalized in bright blue ink on the most intense yellow we could find....Yes we realize that we are "Bright" and have even been called "Loud" - NOW we will show our true colors with this 2013 offering of the Timberjack Shirt - (available only to those that order now....as in they will be not be offered our later....)...Now remember these are 100% organic since we are ordering them on planet earth and these are gluten free, Kosher & approved for vegetarians and meataterians alike....they are non-denominational and approved for inter-faith worship too....Why yes we tried to be some politically correct both Fox news and CNN has endorsed our shirts....Republicans' and Democrats agree - this is a true bi-partisan shirt....Get yours now....

 Don't Delay - Order Today - Hey while you are at it - Please PAY....

 Legal Disclaimer on Product:  

Colors - As shown - Bright and Loud
Lettering will be "Distressed for a Vintage look" (not actually shown please imagine that)
Jersey Brand Performance Fabric will be offered (similar to Under Armor fabric)...selling at stores for more
Front of Shirt will be the Timberjack (yes we realize we got that a bit reversed)
Back of Shirt will be the "Got Timberjack"

Sales will close on April 10th (last day for procrastination...mark you calendar for this delay). 
Shirts will be ready by April 26th for Family Camping - Provided we have no issues with the ordering (this is a good faith date)

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